Heritage Foods Kenya Limited is a leading manufacturer and distributor of High Quality Top dog and Krunshi brands which meets the set Kenyan Standard Specifications.

We have two main categories for our products i.e. Top dog brands ( Top Dog Regular and Top Dog Rice) which is uncooked and Krunshi brands (Krunshi Economy and Krunshi Plus) which is cooked and ready for serving.

Top dog brand has been in the market since the year 1989 while Krunshi brands and Top Dog Rice since Year 2000 and 2015 respectively.

Heritage Foods Kenya Limited now boasts a network of distributors all over the country, thanks to our high service quality and efficient delivery. The formal sector which includes Modern trade (Supermarkets) contributes 60% while the Informal sector includes Distributors/Agro-vets contributes 30% and Institutional Channel contributes 10%.

The brands are aflatoxin free and highly recommended by Veterinarians. They contain all the minerals and supplements required for healthy happy dogs.

We have two main categories for our products i.e. Top dog brand ( Top dog Regular and Top dog Rice) which is uncooked while the Krunshi brand (Krunshi Economy and Krunshi Plus) which is cooked and ready for serving.

  • Our products are produced from locally sourced high quality raw materials which are tested for compliance with set standards before use.
  • The coarse raw ingredients are milled, mixed and passed through high speed pin mill to destroy any living micro-organism before packing.
  • Krunshi Economy and Plus which are cooked and ready to eat dog food and are produced through an automated extrusion process which assures product quality.
  • We have invested in online Process control and automated continuous line.
  • Our process is carried out on stable and advanced technology equipment and is maintained by highly skilled technical team and therefore able to consistently satisfy customer demands.
  • Our products have been formulated to provide maximum nutrition and perfect balance diet for dogs.
  • Our Finished products are packed in a unique properly designed heavy duty packaging which ensures the product shelf life is preserved and maintained.

Why choose our product range?

  • Muscle – Adequate animal and plant protein ensures maintenance of strong Muscles.
  • Immunity – Vitamins and Minerals keep your dog’s immune system and metabolism functioning normally.
  • Smooth Shiny coat – Proper balance of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids for a healthy coat with nice sheen.
  • Digestion & elimination – Carbohydrates with fibre that aids digestion.
  • Weight management – Fibre-enriched formula enhanced with L-carnitine for optimal body and lean muscles.
  • Omena – Which provides protein, Calcium, Vitamin A, Phosphorous, oils(omega 3&6).
  • Bones and teeth – Contains sufficient Calcium and phosphorous for strong teeth and bones.
  • Standards – Meets both local and international standards.
  • No artificial ingredients.