New Puppy Coming Home

Are you a new pet owner? Are you bringing a new pup home? Here’s a checklist for you.

A good, comfortable and large enough kennel. Make sure the kennel is well ventilated to allow enough fresh air for your dog.

A comfortable dog bed, cushion and blanket especially during cold whether.

Healthy puppy food and treats. Top Dog Puppy is a complete balanced diet meal that is easily digestible. It has no artificial ingredients and is aflatoxin-free..

Feeding and drinking bowls.

Collars and leashes.

Identification tags. Your vet can also help with micro-chipping. These will help you get your dog in case he/she gets lost.

Grooming supplies- nail clipper, brush, dog shampoo, toothbrush e.t.c.

A variety of playing toys such as chewing bone or a ball.


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